About Me


From point of contact, I liaise with the couple personally, asking them to provide me with a "Wish List" of what they would like for their own Ceremony.

I then organize a first meeting with the couple, where the Notice Of Intended Marriage is completed and witnessed by myself.

At this meeting, I require the couple to provide Original Birth Certificates (if possible), Passports (if they have passports), Driver's Licences as Photo Proof. If one or both of the couple have been previously married, I need to sight their original Divorce Absolute documentation.
I also need their deposit to lock in the date for their Wedding.

We then discuss what they want in their Ceremony, whether they require any special Ceremonies within their Ceremony, such as a Sand Ceremony, and we talk at length with regard to the content of their Ceremony.
This is all done in a quiet location in a relaxed atmosphere.

I have many sample drafts of different Weddings, Verses, Poems and Ceremonies within Ceremonies that the couple can view and choose from for their own Ceremony. Or, they may like to write their own Ceremony, Promises to each other or Vows. I am happy to help them through this sometimes very confusing task.

I then email the couple drafts, so that they can edit them. These drafts go backwards and forwards between us until the couple are happy with their very own personalised Ceremony.

I then schedule a second meeting where the couple are required to complete a second legal document, to be witnessed by myself, where they state that there is no legal impediment to their marriage, such as being brother and sister, or already married!

At this second meeting we discuss the final details of their Marriage Ceremony, the location, an alternative location in case of inclement weather, their colour scheme, who they have asked to be part of their wedding and what their roles are in the Ceremony.

I also ask the couple to pay the remainder of the fee, so that they don't have to worry about money on their day.

If the couple require a rehearsal, I am more than happy to attend a rehearsal, as long as it is not too distant. It is also a good idea to meet up with the photographer and discuss the best positioning for their marriage in terms of photographs, where the sun, and if on the beach - tide will be.

I liaise with the couple either by phone, email or text until the actual marriage, where I usually liaise with the Best Man for any last minute changes of venue, location, any last minute problems that may have arisen.

I try to visit the wedding venue in order to get a feel for the place, and check the exact location and where the signing table etc. should be placed, where their guests will be placed, whether a PA system will be required, and so that I know exactly where to go on the day.

On the day of the Wedding, I arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the starting time of the Wedding, to ensure that all is ready for the Ceremony and to ensure the Wedding Party is as relaxed as possible, so that they can enjoy the day and not feel stressed about anything.

Lastly, after the Ceremony and the introduction of the happy couple, I like to share a celebratory glass of bubbles with the couple and their guests, before packing up my things and quietly leaving the celebrations.